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ACOE provides support to ten member agencies and their staff operating the Escape accounting application software via a service desk Support and trouble ticket resolution is provided via phone, email, website and remote control for the Escape financial software.
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Stewart, Dina
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Business Services

Escape Support

Online SupportThe Financial Implementation Team of ACOE’s IT department provides Escape accounting application software support for all the Escape accounting system modules, Human Resources, Payroll, Credentials, GL Financials, Budgeting, AP, AR, Stores, Fixed Assets and the required State reporting. Support to end users is delivered using the best vehicle for the application. The support may be delivered several different methods; via email, over the telephone, using remote control of the client’s PC, 24 hours a day over the web access to training manuals and how to documents or utilizing additional instructions. Issues are logged and resolutions may be viewed over the web. Regularly scheduled user group meetings are held to discuss important issues relating to the systems.

Access to the systems is provided to clients including infrastructure to allow client connectivity, data storage and printer support. We also provide file output to Web site for retrieval. Backup and restore capabilities and remote access to vendors to maintain the application. We provide server hardware, database maintenance and troubleshooting of the application.