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Escape Online 5

Online 5 is a thin-client, mouse-driven version of Escape's accounting software. Escape has rewritten or is in the process of rewriting their entire accounting package using .NET architecture with a SQL database and utilizing Crystal Report Writer as their reporting tool. The new software looks and feels very different from their classic version. ACOE will post information on this web page on the status of Online 5 and information on the set up and requirements of running the new software.

We are happy to report that the Escape Online 5 Finance module development is going very well. The SQL database design has been completed along with a conversion process from the Classic database. We look forward to beginning our Customer conversions to Online 5 later this year! Escape now has Account Structure, Department Records, Purchasing, AR, AP, Stores, JE's, Assets, Fiscal, Vendors and Payment/Warrants completed for primary records and search records.

We are already testing the new software as new items are released by the developers. Two districts have graciously volunteered to assist everyone by the testing each component. Dublin and Newark will be Beta testing once the Alpha testing has been completed.

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